CWPT interview with Jacobson and Hicks

The Civil War Preservation Trust (CWPT) just published a fantastic interview with historian-author Eric Jacobson and best-selling novelist Robert Hicks.

CWPT starts it out with, “Historians, authors, and ardent preservationists, Robert Hicks and Eric Jacobson sat down with us to discuss the historical role of the Second Battle of Franklin and the state of the battlefield today. As members of Franklin’s Charge, Robert and Eric are working to help reclaim more of the Franklin battlefield for future generations.”

Read the full interview interview.

Here’s one question:

CWPT: Modern preservationists like you have made great strides to reclaim and restore key parts of the Franklin battlefield experience.  What can a modern visitor see if they were to visit the battlefield today?

The Carter House
The Carter House on the Franklin Battlefield (Robert Shenk)

RH: Despite the efforts of so many over the years to bury history, there really is so much for the visitor to see. The historian, Dennis Frye, once told me he considers The Carter House to be “the single largest Civil War relic” there is. I consider the story of Tod Carter, dying in the same house he was born in to be among the best stories of the American Civil War.

Go there and touch those bullet-scared walls and then out to Winstead Hill where Hood stood and watched in horror as his army seemed to vanish into the blood and night that was Franklin.

Go to Ft. Granger and make your way through the center of earthen works of the Union fortifications and then make your way out to Carnton and walk through those rooms where Carrie McGavock proved herself to be the “consummate Southern Mother” as she made her way from boy to boy, with “two feet of blood on her skirts.”

“And as she cared over the dying, she spent the rest of her days caring over the dead.” No trip to Franklin would ever be complete that didn’t eventually lead you that cemetery in her backyard, the largest private military cemetery in America.

Read the full interview interview.

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