63rd Indiana, Co C, list of wounded at Resaca made the day of the battle

Addison Lee Ewing was 2nd Lt of Company C in the 63rd Indiana in May 1864. On May 14th the 63rd Indiana fought at Resaca, GA.  More than likely on the day of the battle, Ewing scribbled down the names of the wounded from his Company – Company C.  There are fourteen men listed. Of those, six would die later that day or just a few days later.  At the time Ewing jotted their names down he only knew of their condition as “wounded”:

Recent posts about Ewing include:

His handwritten note reads (see copy below):

May 14th Wounded at Resaca. Sent to Hos[pital]

G H Blackburn [George H. Blackburn, Co C. Survived the war. Mustered out 7/21/65]

F M Bennett [Francis M Bennett, Co C. KIA 5/14/64 at Resaca]

Wm. Hutson [William Hutson, Co C.  Wounded at Resaca 5/14/64; died of wounds.]

Martin Harck, Co C.  [Corpl.  Wounded in left leg at Resaca. Amputated the limb but he died on 5/20/64.

Tom Harck [Did not find in CWD]

W R Garo [Did not find in CWD]

B V Keller [Benjamin V Keller, Co C. Survived the war, mustered out in May 1865.]

J R Miller [Jacob R Miller, Co C. Survived the war, mustered out in May 1865.]

A J McGarah [Andrew J McGarah, Co C., KIA 5/14/64 at Resaca]

R S Skelton [Robert S Skelton, Co C.  Discharged due to wounds.]

S H Crowder [Sterling H Crowder, Co C., Discharged 5/19/65 due to wounds.]

J Woods [Jonathan Woods, Co C.,  Mustered out May 1865.]

W Coleman [William Coleman, Co C.,  Wounded at Resaca 5/14/64; died June 1, 1864 of wounds.]

N A Myers [Sgt Nyram A Myers, Co C.,  Mustered out June 1865.]

8 thoughts on “63rd Indiana, Co C, list of wounded at Resaca made the day of the battle

  1. Mike Woods

    My gg grandfather Jonathan Woods. He Lived on a farm near Headley’s Mills, Fountain County, IN along the banks of Coal Creek. He inlisted Jan. 28, 1862 in Co. C of the 63rd IVI at Covington IN. He participated in all major actions with the 63rd except those between Resaca and Atlanta due to his wounds. He drove a supply wagon during the last half of his recovery and rejoined the regiment soon after Atlanta fell and he “carried his rifle in his left hand”. He was discharged in Indianapolis May 3, 1865. He returned home but was divorced in 1869; remarried twice and finally died Sept. 26, 1886 in Rockville, Parke County IN. His grave site was unknown until receintly when a new piece of information surfaced. He was buried in an unmarked grave in the GAR plot in old Rockville Cemetery. That place has since been marked with a VA headstone so he will not again be forgotten.
    Although I have done extensive research on the 63rd IVI I have never seen this list before, but recognise about half the names on it as Jonathan’s neighbors and in laws. I am making a final trip to Indiana this May to read some letters and diaries by soldiers of the 63rd and then will finish up a fairly concise regimental history. Anyone who might be intrested in a copy can email me and I will make a copy for you when Iit is done.

    1. Tom Price

      Dear Mr. Woods,
      My Great (5x) Grandfather was William Coleman, Captain, Company C of the Indiana 63rd. He was from Covington, IN. His name is listed 2nd from the bottom of the list that was found of the 14 soldiers wounded at Resaca. He died of wounds received at the Battle of Resaca and is burried at the Chattanooga National Cemetry. We found a portrait of him while cleaning out my grandmother’s belongings after her death. You can see this portrait on the Friends of Resaca website.

      Tom Price
      Zionsville, IN

  2. Mike Woods

    Have seen the portrait. I have also read his name in a couple of diaries and letters. There is a discription of him and others playing cards as a pass time. Also if you haven’t seen it Resaca will finally open to the public this May 13th, 2016. Pretty exciting especially for those at FORB that worked so hard for so long to make it happen. The 63rd fought in the same exact location as the 103rd Ohio, which as luck would have it, is the only monument placed on the field by survivors, so the location is doubtless accurate. I’ll be visiting there this May after the Grand Opening and then finish my regimental history. I have also been in touch with decendants of a couple of other soldiers of the 63rd, those of the Shipp brothers and Sgt. Olds. Both I believe are living in Indiana.

  3. Thomas J Price

    Hi Mike, I guess we go a couple of years or so before writing to each other, but I appreciate your reply from Mar 2, 2016. I finally made it to the Resaca battlefield this past summer. It was pretty emotional to try and come to grips with what happened there 154 yrs ago. I am also in possession of a copy of a letter written by my ancestor, William Coleman, dated May 5, 1864 to his brother. Some of the letter is difficult to decipher but it gives some insight to what he was dealing with at that moment. He was shot 9 days later during the Union charge on the Confederate earthworks (pretty sure at the bloody angle). I can pass along the letter if you are interested in it as part of your research on the 63rd. Best regards, Tom Price

    1. Anonymous

      I would absolutely love to see it, thanks for asking. I’ve read everything I could find so far and know of Sgt. Coleman’s life in the army, wounding, and death. I believe from everything I know he was well liked and respected.

  4. Thomas J Price

    Hi Mike. I am interested in receiving a copy of the Indiana 63rd regimental history. How can I get a copy? I trust all is well.
    Tom Price
    Zionsville, IN

  5. Anonymous

    The book is in the final stages of editing now plus I have a map or two to finish up. Now that I’m retired it is moving along pretty quickly. I’ll let you know when it goes out to be printed. Glad you made it to Resaca. The fact that it is kind of fresh and not markered up does make it more like a sanctuary, especially out on the trails. Quiet. I’ll be in touch. Mike


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