129th Illinois soldier writes about battle of Nashville and Hood’s retreat

Raleigh, North Carolina,
April 20, 1865,

…Nov. the 28 we was ordered to Nashville to defend the place agains Rebel G. Hood. December 1 we got there and dug trenches 2 days and 1 night. Dec. the 4 & 5 considerable skirmishing. The 6 & 7 considerable firing on picket with a little fight. We lost several….the 15 Thomas went for them and it was a hard fight with a loss to the Rebs of 12 hundred prisoners 18 pieces of cannon 8 battle flags which we got. The 16th the fight gets harder our loss 1000 killed and wounded. Rebs loss 600 hundred killed & wounded. We captured 5000 prisoners 30 canon and several battle flags. The 17 Hood has left our front and skedaddled. Thomas after him. The 19 we was ordered to move we marched to Murfreesboro 2 days….went 9 miles the other side of Huntsville, Alabama the track being torn up. We had to march the rest of the way. The 27 we crossed the Tenn. River on transports and run the rebs out of Decatur . Our cavalry captured 4 canon then we started after Hoods pontoon train but hearing that he had made a crossing below we lay at Cortland a few days…April the 3 we started for Goldsborough where Sherman lay…the 10 we started for Raleigh…the 13 encamped for to make peace for Johnston has promised to surrender the papers has been sent to Washington to be signed…

129th Illinois Infantry, Co. I.

Source: Nate Sanders auction

2 thoughts on “129th Illinois soldier writes about battle of Nashville and Hood’s retreat

  1. What I observe in his letter seems to be, honesty, integrity and Truth in Reporting and a kind of innocence and purity, that’s missing today!
    When I was in Nam, we didn’t get a Battle Report like he got!
    And I was almost “Intelligence” in “Radar!
    What information you got, you shouldn’t just swallow!
    Our Radar units assisted in shooting down 5 enemy aircraft, south of the DMZ one day. Not one report in the American News papers the next day!
    They didn’t want them to know, the enemy was “Flying” south of the DMZ! Weekly I’d read in the papers where 11 soldiers were killed in country this Week!
    In my little Parish, I’d see at least 11 laying on the Copter Pad “Daily!
    In Nam just a few yrs ago, We had no Cell Phones or Computers!
    I suppose this soldier didn’t either!
    So you don’t really know how accurate his information was!
    But it looks and sounds more accurate, thorough and concise than anything in my VIET NAM era!
    And definitely more earnest and Honest, than the “IRAQ” Era!
    So as WORLD Technology Becomes more HIGH TECH!
    THE “TRUTH” Becomes even “MORE CLOUDED!

  2. Kraig, I cannot find information that puts the Ill. 129th at Nashville during this time. Could it be that a company or two were broken off the main group which was sent east, then sent to catch up with the others?

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