Telegrams related to the Battle of Franklin

Here are all the Union-Federal telegrams that took place related to the Battle of Franklin. They are in order of earliest to latest. Most of the telegrams in the Official Records are between Maj-Gen George H. Thomas and Maj-General John M Schofield (his subordinate).

Nov 29th, 1 pm – Pontoons down

Nov 30th, 5:30 am – troops across the Harpeth

The first Federal troops begin arriving in Franklin shortly after this telegram. Schofield discovers all the bridges are out.  Many troops, in earnest, begin to construct breastworks.

Nov 30th, 9:30 am – Hood cannot be held

Nov 30th, no timestamp – map

Nov 30th, 12 noon – getting in a tight place

Even as late as noon on the eventual day of battle, Federal commanders do NOT expect an attack from Hood.

Nov 30th, no timestamp – hold Franklin for three days?

Nov 30th, 3 pm – Hood has a large force

Hood’s Army of Tennessee is now visible two miles south of Franklin, as they are spread out across roughly two miles (east-west), in front of Winstead Hill.

Nov 30th, no timestamp – pre-attack, trains sent to Brentwood

This is the last telegram prior to the opening assault (4 pm).

Nov 30th, 7:10 pm – persistent attack

Though just three hours into the action, the Federal estimates of casualties is remarkably accurate.

Nov 30th, no timestamp – glorious news

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