Were Virginia CSA boys represented at Franklin?

It is often stated that every Confederate State was represented at Franklin except Virginia. Well, thanks to Larry Cockerham let’s just set the record straight. Some CSA Virginia boys were involved at Franklin and even died due to the engagement.  Here’s what Larry wrote to tell me. Thanks Larry.

As a descendant of Pvt. Whit Parker of the 63rd VA, I can offer that the 63rd and 54th VA infantries  were indeed at Franklin, and lost some men during the battle though they were not directly engaged, having been ordered to guard the ordinance. Both regiments participated in the clean up effort on Dec 1 before moving on toward Nashville. (Only two Virginia regiments were in the AOT)  Palmer’s brigade was then ordered on Dec 6 to join Bates and Forrest at Murfreesboro and were sent into the battle of the Cedars on Dec 7. These units were selected on Dec 18 to fight the rear guard on the retreat from Columbia under E. C. Walthall. Two other regiments from that brigade, the 58th and 60th North Carolina were on guard duty at Mt. Pleasant and missed the Franklin battle completely. Virginians were in fact at Franklin, though they receive little local press.  Another of my ancestors was with the 10th TN US Cav. He was there too, but that’s another story.

One thought on “Were Virginia CSA boys represented at Franklin?

  1. The 54th Virginia and 63rd Virginia were indeed part of Palmer’s Brigade and arrived at Franklin very late on Nov. 30, 1864, long after dark. However, the statement that they “lost some men during the battle” is not accurate at all. The Virginians were not engaged and they took no casualties.

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