Actions in middle Tennessee in November 1864?

What important engagements and actions did the middle Tennessee region see during the Civil War in November 1864?

The Official Records list the following actions by the day of the month for November 1864. Each action has an entry in the Official Records detailing what happened.


1-30 Tennessee/transfer of the First and Third Divisions, Sixteenth Army Corps, from Missouri to
1 Union Station/skirmishes
2-3 Davidson’s Ferry, Tennessee River/attack on gunboats
4-17 Breckinridge’s/advance
4-5 Johnsonville/action
4 Tawah, U.S.S., U.S.S. Key West, and U.S.S. Elfin/destruction
5-6 Big Pigeon River/skirmishes
9-13 Moscow/expedition to
10 Memphis/scout near
11-13 Bull’s Gap/action
11 Russellville/skirmish
14-Jan. 23, 1865 Tennessee, Middle/campaign in
14 Russellville/action near
15 Collierville/skirmish near
16-17 Strawberry Plains/skirmishes
17 FlatCreek/skirmish
22 Lawrenceburg/action
23 Fouche Springs/skirmish
23 Henryville/skirmish
23 Mount Pleasant/action
24-27 Columbia/skirmishes in front
24 Campbellsville/action
24 Lynnville/skirmish
28 Duck River/skirmishes at crossings
28 Shelbyville/skirmish
29 Columbia Ford/action
29 Mount Carmel/skirmish
29 Rally Hill/skirmish near
29 Spring Hill/engagement
30 Franklin/battle

Source: A Guide-Index to the Official Records Of The Union And Confederate Armies, 1861-1865. Volume IV, Main Western Theater Ops. except Gulf Approach (1861-63). Section N–Checklist by State/Date–TENNESSEE.


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