George C. Patterson, 72nd Illinois, KIA at Franklin

George C. Patterson, 72nd Illinois Infantry

George C. Patterson was from Harrison, Illinois when he enlisted on August 9, 1862, as a Private. He mustered into Company B of the 72nd Illinois Infantry on August 21st. Patterson was killed at Franklin on November 30, 1864.

American Civil War Database lists at least 16 72nd Illinois men having been killed at Franklin. The Union Army, Vol. 3 says, “in the fight at Franklin it lost 9 officers of our 16 engaged, and 152 men, who were either killed or severely wounded.”

The 72nd Illinois was part of Strickland’s Brigade [72nd Illinois, 44th Missouri, 50th Ohio, and the 183rd Ohio] at Franklin. The 72nd was placed just to the left (west) of the 50th Ohio which was buttressed up against the Columbia Pike about 50 yards in front of the Carter House.

My Google Map shows the position of the 72nd Illinois in relation to the other brigades around the Carter House.

J. A. SEXTON, Capt., Seventy-second Illinois Volunteer, Cmdg. Regt. wrote the following about the action at Franklin involving the 72nd Illinois.

At about 7 a.m. reached Franklin, the brigade taking position on the right of the road and commenced fortifying the left of the Fiftieth Ohio resting on the Franklin pike, the Seventy-second Illinois being on the right of the Fiftieth Ohio. Were at work on the fortifications at the time the enemy made their first assault. About 4 p.m. two divisions of the Fourth Corps, being in front of the works gave way on the approach of the enemy and rushed pell-mell into our works. At the same time the support on our left gave way, and the flank of our regiment being turned, the four left companies fell back, and as our right flank also became exposed to the enemy, the remaining companies were also ordered to retire to the second line of works, which was done. At that time, all of our field officers being wounded, I, being the senior captain, took command of the regiment, and a charge was ordered to recover our first position. In the charge all of our color guard, consisting of 1 sergeant and 8 corporals were shot down, and the night being so dark it was not perceived that our colors, which had been shot to shreds, were missing. An attempt was made to regain the colors, which was unsuccessful. The regiment was ordered to retire by Col. Strickland, commanding brigade at about midnight.

For more info on the 72nd Illinois see:

72nd Illinois, “War Diary [1862-1865] of Joseph Stockton of the Seventy-Second Illinois Volunteer Regiment Board of Trade Regiment),” by Brevet Brigadier General Joseph Stockton,  First Lieutenant, Captain, Major and Lieutenant-Colonel of the 72nd Illinois Regiment.

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