Battle of Thompsons Station Tour led by Thomas Cartwight

About 30-35 people assembled on the grounds of the Homestead Manor today to enjoy a first-class tour led by none other than our own Thomas Cartwright. The manor home was located at ground zero during the battle (March 4-5, 1863) and served afterward as a Confederate field hospital.

Here are some pictures from today’s tour. Check out the full gallery of photos here.

Thomas Cartwright led the tour. He is working on a book on the battle.

Homestead Manor

Prime battlefield land behind Homestead, looking north toward the position of the 85th and 33rd Indiana regiments.

It was a perfect day (mid-60s) for the tour today.

The National Park Service says this about the action:

In a period of relative inactivity following the Battle of Stones River, a reinforced Union infantry brigade, under Col. John Coburn, left Franklin to reconnoiter south toward Columbia. Four miles from Spring Hill, Coburn attacked with his right wing, a Confederate force composed of two regiments; he was repelled. Then, Maj. Gen. Van Dorn seized the initiative. Brig. Gen. W.H. “Red”  Jackson’s dismounted 2nd Division made a frontal attack, while Brig. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest’s division swept around Coburn’s left flank, and into his rear. After three attempts, characterized by hard fighting, Jackson carried the Union hilltop position as Forrest captured Coburn’s wagon train and blocked the road to Columbia in his rear. Out of ammunition and surrounded, Coburn surrendered. Union influence in Middle Tennessee subsided for a while.

One thought on “Battle of Thompsons Station Tour led by Thomas Cartwight

  1. Kraig, it was good meeting you today,and putting a person behind the photos on Flickr, Civil War Gazette, and Battle of Franklin websites that I have been enjoying. Great job! I can, and do, get lost in them!
    Today was a beautiful fall day-in sharp contrast to the tragic events that took place on this land.
    The STFB put together another fine event. Thanks to Sam Huffman, Michael and Barbara Wright, Jay and Marsha Frank, as well as all the other members.
    Thomas Cartwright was at his usual top form-no wonder we follow his tours everywhere! He is the best!! He makes it entertaining, as well as informative.
    I am able to experience the battle through his words. I can’t wait until his book comes out next year.
    Thanks again, Kraig, for your wonderful websites and pictures!

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