Prominent people in Franklin (circa 1864)?

Who were some of the prominent family names in Franklin (c. 1864)?

McEwen, Ewing, Clouston, Wooldridge, Figures, Marshall, Carter, McGavock, Bostick, McNutt, Perkins, Park, Hanner

Who was the mayor of Franklin in 1864?

Probably John B. McEwen. He was in 1861, ’62 , ’63.

Source: Rick Warwick, Williamson County Historical Society

One thought on “Prominent people in Franklin (circa 1864)?

  1. i am the grandaughter of john washington beasley of fenrvale tenn , i purchased books from from mr warwick and realized there’s not a lot of history written in there about the people in the books out there in the first district or the leipers forks,my family were the beasleys, the kings and the givens, i think more emphasis should have been made in talking to the families for more info, and more pictures.

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