Capt Russ B. Davis, 10th Tennessee Cavalry (U.S.)

Residence was not listed;
Enlisted on 2/25/1864 as a Captain.
On 2/25/1864 he was commissioned into “F” Co. TN 10th Cavalry
He was Mustered Out on 8/1/1865
Sources used by Historical Data Systems, Inc.:
10th Tennessee Cavalry History
Tenth Cavalry. — Lieut.-Cols., George W. Bridges, James T. Abernathy; Majs., John Parr, John Elliott, William P. Story, Sterling Hambright.
The organization of this regiment was begun at Nashville under the supervision of Col. Bridges.  Cos. A, B, C, D, E, H and I were organized during the fall of 1863 and in the winter of 1864, and after having been organized into a regiment were attached to the command of Col. George Spalding, 2nd brigade, 4th division of cavalry.
During the summer and fall of 1864 it was engaged in arduous duty in Tennessee.  About the close of the year it was sent to northern Alabama to watch the move meets of Hood’s army, and had an engagement with a largely superior force at Florence. Overpowered by numbers it was compelled to fall back to Nashville, where it was transferred to Gen. Hatch’s command and participated in the numerous engagements attending Hood’s raid into Tennessee.
On the first day’s battle before Nashville it lost 70 officers and men.  The leader, Maj. Story, was badly wounded, and the command devolved upon Maj. Abernathy.  At the close of the campaign the regiment was sent to New Orleans, where it remained until June 10, 1865.
Cos. F and G were not organized until Feb., 1865.  Co. K was organized in June, 1865.  Co. L was never fully organized.  It numbered 51 men, and was stationed as a guard on the Nashville & Northwestern railroad.
Sixty-three men comprising Co. M were mustered into service in Oct. 1864, under William H. Tampton as first lieutenant.  They served during the campaign against Hood as provost guard and escort company.
Co. A was detached from its regiment on April 26, 1864, and assigned to duty at Springfield, Tenn., where it remained until August, after which it was with Gen. Gillem in his campaign in East Tennessee.
The regiment was mustered out Aug. 1, 1865, in accordance with orders from the war department.

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