Happy 92nd birthday to Civil War son Harold Becker

Franklin’s adopted Civil War son, Harold Becker, turns 92 today. You will recall his father, Charles Conrad Becker, fought in the 128th Indiana at Franklin. I’ve blogged on Harold and the reburial event we had recently many times before.

Funny story . . . Harold told me he was born on October 30th and his brother was born November 1st. For years his mother always celebrated BOTH their birthdays on Halloween, October 31st. He told me he was much older before he even realized his birthday was actually on October 30th!

Civil War sons James Brown, Sr. and Haorld Becker

Picture courtesy of Al Wagner Photography.

3 thoughts on “Happy 92nd birthday to Civil War son Harold Becker

  1. Dear Harold, October 31, 2009

    Happy 92nd birthday! Jim Brown Sr. sends his regards. He and I have talked about the week-end we spent with you and your wife, Kraig and his wife and all the wonderful people who presented a powerful and emotonal bringing together of two sides of our country. It is a time we will not forget, and it was a real pleasure meeting another real son.

    We wish you many more years of good health, with a lovely companion at your side.

    Jim Brown Sr. and Mary Cushman

  2. The Grand Rapids Press (Michigan) featured a front-page article on Harold Becker on Saturday, October 9, 2010. It was a heartwarming story. The writer said that Mr. Becker is one of 20 men alive today whose fathers served in the Union Army during the Civil War. I am curious: Are there any women alive whose fathers served with the Union?

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