Reviews of A Separate Country are very positive

A Separate Country by Robert Hicks

“Robert Hicks’s riveting new novel takes up Hood’s life after the war.  Anyone who has ever lived in New Orleans must be prepared to be made homesick, and the bizarre cast of characters, including a dwarf, a burly priest and a boy of mixed and mysterious par entage, wouldn’t seem right in any city but this one.  I read “A Separate Country” with breakneck speed for that most old-fashioned of reasons: I wanted to see what happened next. And then I eagerly read it a second time to make sure I got the complicated twists and turns. Is there a better recommendation?”

“After the War, Hood scampered down to New Orleans in order to try to live as fully as possible. That’s where Robert Hicks enters in his marvelous new book, which looks back on the legendary and monstrous general of the Civil War with a brand new set of eyes.  Hicks doesn’t ever let us forget that this was once a man who “cared very little for the men [he] ruined.” Yet at the same time, this is a work which seems designed to remember Hood neither as a legend nor a monster but as a man.”

The 10/9 edition of the Dayton Daily News said that A SEPARATE COUNTRY “builds momentum from the instant Hood dies. The author rolls out a cast of fascinating characters who slide in and out of the story as it is related by our three narrators. Hicks immerses us in a steaming gumbo of racism, gambling, class struggle, pride, forgotten massacres and poignant memories.”

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