Carnton lecture – “What caused the Civil War?” – brings out large crowd tonight


Maybe because it was on the heels of the reburial of the unknown Civil War soldier this past weekend, or maybe because Monday Night Football was unappealing – whatever the cause . . . some 120+ people came out to Carnton plantation tonight to hear and participate in a lecture with Carnton historian and author Eric Jacobson, and professor and author Thomas Flagel.


Thomas Flagel is an energetic and provocative speaker.

They came to learn about the “cause(s) of the American Civil War.”  And learn they did. The historians laid the ground-work for the evening by taking 5-7 minutes each – for the first 45 minutes – and hitting topics like; the major political events prior to 1860 in America that influenced the environment for a divided country in 1860; the demagoguery and manipulations of the politicians in the mid 19th century; the political principles and values of the politicians who were protecting the interests of the wealthy elite in the South, and many other pertinent issues.

The discussion was balanced, rational, and moved quickly through the evening. After the historians talked for 45 minutes combined, they opened the floor for Q/A.  Hands immediately flew up.  Many hands were raised by young people in their 20s and 30s. In fact, the demographics of the 120+ crowd had as many under-30s as over-30s. There were excellent questions asked as the historians spontaneously responded through a generous give-and-take style.

Carnton will host a November lecture on the 6th; the topic?  John Bell Hood!

Get there early, the seats will fill quickly.

download-5 by you.

Historian Eric Jacobson engages the 120+ person standing room only crowd at Carnton tonight.

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