Dust-dirt from 18 states were part of unknown soldier’s burial

There were 18 States (Union and CSA) that sent regiments to fight at Franklin (30 November 1964). Dust-dirt was brought in from all 18 States today and re-enactors representing each State pour a little bag of dust over the coffin of the unknown soldier graveside at Rest Haven today.

DSC_0395 by you.

Brown and Becker pour dirt on the coffin.

_DSC5940 by you.

You can see the dirt from 18 different States on top of the coffin.

After the service the pall-bearers lowered the simple pine coffin into the ground at Rest Haven.


Pall-bearers lower the coffin in the grave.

One thought on “Dust-dirt from 18 states were part of unknown soldier’s burial

  1. I had the priviledge and honor of attending this historic and reverent event that took place to honor a fallen soldier, who will always be a brother in arms. The soldiers in gray and blue were so very detailed in their uniforms and never stepped out of character. The color guard mounted on horses, the flags representing the south and the north.
    The coffin, draped in confederate flag and union flag. The horses that drew the casket down the main streets of Franklin with thousands and
    thousands of on-lookers trying to savior every bit of this awestriking event. It was if you had stepped back in time somewhere in the mid 1860’s. Wow, it would give you chills. The reverance shown and the honor paid by both sides, gray and blue, was heartfelt. And who would believe but an “eagle” soared over the cemetery from the south to the north, never needing to flap his wings. There was a breeze there to cary him. God bless the “unknown” soldier and his family and most of all his country. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

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