Tennessean article gets a couple things “wrong” in article this morning regarding my interview

The Tennssean published another article this morning “Civil War soldier will return to grave unknown but not forgotten”.

FRANKLIN — Six months ago, workmen’s shovels first pried loose the skeleton of a Civil War soldier buried 145 years ago in an unmarked grave on a field now under commercial development along Columbia Avenue.


Unknown soldier

Today, a new grave and coffin will cradle the man’s bones. He will be buried under a monument of limestone in Rest Haven Cemetery with soil fetched from 18 Civil War states, North and South.

Read the full article

The two items that are wrong are:

1. The article states that I am a re-enactor.  I am not.  I have never re-enacted.

2. A quote attributed to me is not in context.  It quotes me as saying:

But McNutt, who is a re-enactor, thinks some people are flocking to the event because it’s “a little like a trophy to them” rather than to remember the man.”I think there are some who — to be quite bold, if you will — they want to continue to live in the past,” McNutt said. “They still want to fight these wars and have these arguments.”

Here’s the context of that conversation:

I was asked, “Why do some people seem so obssessed to know the identity of the solder and want it to be someone from their side?”

I replied that “for some people who lose perspective the identity of the soldier can become like a trophy on the mantle.”  I elaborated that people who lose perspective and forget why we’re burying this man – an American soldier – want to live in the past, fighting a war that is over.”

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