WSMV’s coverage for Thursday, Oct 8th

WSMV-4 covered the story in tonight’s evening news.

Civil War Soldier Gets Proper Burial

(10/8/09) – A Civil War soldier who died in battle and whose remains were uncovered this year is finally getting a proper military burial.

Watch the story.

DSC_0113 by you.

FRANKLIN, Tenn. — The remains of an unknown Civil War soldier found earlier this year in Franklin will lie in state at Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church until the burial on Saturday.

Visitation periods are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday and Friday. Two Civil War reenactors, one Confederate and one Union, are standing guard at the coffin.

The church was used for barracks and a hospital during the Civil War. The re-enactor soldiers stand guard 24-hours a day.

Bones and pieces of the soldier’s uniform were found in May during construction at the corner of Columbia Pike and Southeast Parkway.The soldier will be reburied at Rest Haven Cemetery in downtown Franklin at 10 a.m. Saturday.”

To find the remains of a Civil War soldier pretty much intact is highly remarkable. This is really a once in a lifetime opportunity. Anybody who has any interest in the Civil War really should come out and take the opportunity to pay their final respects to this American soldier,” said Rene Evans of Franklin on Foot walking tours.

The monument to mark his grave will be made from sections of the original limestone columns that were part of the state capitol.

The capitol’s columns were built in 1856 but have been in storage since the structure underwent a major renovation in the 1950s.

“It’s just a remarkable piece of Civil War history, and it really makes history come to life here 145 years later,” said Evans.

An estimated 2,000 soldiers were killed in the Battle of Franklin, which took place in November 1864.


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