Re-burial a ‘theme’ between Civil War father and son, separated by 150 years

Charles Conrad Becker war photo by you.

Charles Conrad Becker, 128th Indiana

If you’ve been following this blog for the past several days you know that our Franklin community is re-burying an unknown Civil War soldier this Saturday.  The soldier’s remains were unearthed during construction in May and the long process of properly re-burying this American soldier comes full-circle after five long months.

A living true-son  – Harold Becker (age 91) – of a Union Civil War soldier will be an honored guest in our ceremonies.  Mr Becker’s own father, Charles Conrad Becker (1846 – 1934), was a member of the 128th Indiana (1864-1865).

Immediately after the Civil War ended the U.S. government assigned several Union regiments to attend to the ghastly task of re-burying Union soldiers who had died and were hastily buried in mass trenches in Confederate prisons. One of those prisons was at Salisbury, N.C.   Charles Conrad Becker, a native of Crown Point, Indiana, was assigned with his 128th comrades to re-bury thousands of Union soldiers in Salisbury.

Charles’ son, Harold, says that his father never wanted to talk about that experience. Who could blame him?  What could possibly be more ghastly and horrifying than digging up decomposed, diseased-ridden bodies in a defunct Confederate prison camp? The peace that Charles Becker could not find in re-burying Union Civil War dead  nearly 150 years ago might finally come full-circle this weekend when his son Harold participates in a fitting and honored tribute and re-burial of the Franklin unknown Civil War soldier.

For more info:

Drawing on right was of inside barracks in August of 1862

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