Numerous enhancements made to Google Map of the Battle of Franklin

I have recently updated the Google Map of the Battle of Franklin (easy reference:

If you have learned hot to navigate using the Google Map tools (or are learning) I’m sure you have already found that Google Maps is a hidden treasure.  I have spent hours upon hours working on the Google Map of the Battle of Franklin over the past few years. It is always a work in progress and is constantly being upgraded and improved based on feedback I get from readers and the more I learn.

There are many new features and enhancements awaiting the diligent map-student.  Click on any object to see what hidden features lie buried underneath.  I’ve even added the location marker and info on the unknown soldier’s remains discovered in May.

From the Google Map of the Battle of Franklin you can:

  • see how the troops deployed before clashing around the Carter House.
  • watch embedded videos from expert historians describing the action from key points on the battlefield.
  • see historic pictures of homes and property pertinent to the battle
  • read contemporary accounts of soldiers, civilians and the newspapers
  • zoom in/out to find out more info on brigades and regiments
  • see pictures of actual soldiers who fought and died
  • really get a better scope of the battle as you experience an interactive layout of the battlefield

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