True living Confederate and Union son expected to attend the Franklin reburial Oct 10th

The buzz is palpable around the Franklin community as we have recently learned that a true living son of a Confederate soldier – Jim Brown, Sr., –  is expected to attend our unknown soldier reburial on October 10th, along with a true Union sonHarold Becker – who has been confirmed to attend recently as well.

The CSA son is Jim Brown, Sr.  He lives near Knoxville and is believed to be in his 90s. His father was James Henry Harrison Brown (1841-1923), who served in the 8th Georgia Infantry, in Company K, also known as the Olgethorpe Rifles.

James H.H. Brown, 8th GA Infantry, saw action at the Seven Days Battle, at Petersburg, in the wheatfield at Gettysburg, and surrendered on April 9th, 1865 at Appomattox with his regiment.

Charles Conrad Becker, 128th Indiana Infantry, saw action in the Atlanta Campaign, Spring Hill, Franklin, and Nashville.

Brown_Becker_both-pic by you.

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