Arthur MacArthur on importance of Franklin

The Brave Badger of WisconsinAt the Battle of Franklin, young Arthur MacArthur was a Major in the 24th Wisconsin and part of Opdycke’s brigade that counter charged around the Carter House to stem the Confederate breach of the Federal line.  He was badly injured in this fighting with multiple wounds and was sent to Nashville where he recovered.

MacArthur was later awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions at Missionary Ridge, Chattanooga the previous summer.  After the Civil War, Arthur fathered Douglas MacArthur of WW II fame, served in the Philippine War, and rose to Military Governor of the Philippines.

Regarding the Battle of Franklin action MacArthur saw, he stated:

Battles great for conception or political results, ought to be studied; but those that save should be commemorated and celebrated.  We owe admiration to the first; gratitude to the others. Franklin was essentially a battle that saved, and as such must be classified as second only to Gettysburg in importance during the entire war.

Source: Letter from Arthur MacArthur to Charles Clark, May 13, 1895

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