Battle of Franklin – Google interactive map

I have been working on a Google interactive map of the Battle of Franklin. It is still very much a work-in-progress but many users have found it very helpful.

There are lots of maps on the Battle of web site. Click here to see all of them. Print them off for assistance on your visit to the area.

 It shows:

  • Troops positions and movement
  • Contemporary photos of key structures
  • Authentic photos of soldiers
  • Original written accounts from soldiers and eyewitnesses

It is accessible at

BoF_map_lge_main1 by you.

If you have a basic understanding of how to work with the Google Map software then you’ll find my map easy to use.

3 thoughts on “Battle of Franklin – Google interactive map

  1. Nice map, and good visual. I think some more could go into this. I’d love to see, if and where all of the flanking attempts were made i.e. Nathan Bedford Forrest’s calvary battle. I don’t know much about this battle but more action on the map would be very helpful.

  2. Given the complexity and confusion of this horrible massacre, I don’t envy your task…but I am so pleased to learn that you are doing it. I guess I’m so drawn to this struggle, becase it claimed the lives of my twwo favorite Confederate Generals, Patrick Cleburn and Hiram Granbury(berry). Too many wonderful men’s lives were wastedin this further example of the futility of massed infantry charges against well-emplaced and dedicated troops. The Southrons hardly had a chance, but they made one anyway. And for the sake of mis-placed sense of “duty” to General Hood (and their cause, and honor. Nothing was gained, all was lost in this magnificent, but futile attempt to cut off Schofield.
    For the many of us that may not be able to visit the site, I laud your efforts and care.
    Sincerely, Grant H. Cole, Tulsa, OK

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