What is the McGavock Confederate Cemetery?

The McGavock Confederate Cemetery is the largest privately held Confederate cemetery in the United States. It is located in Franklin, Tennessee. The nearly 1,500 Confederate soldiers buried there were casualties during the Battle of Franklin that took place November 30, 1864. 780 of the soldiers’ identities are known today, leaving 558 as unknown but not forgotten.

This blog is intended to honor the men and boys who lie buried at the McGavock Cemetery, at Carnton, in Franklin, Tennessee. We encourage everyone who is interested in the Battle of Franklin (November 30, 1864) to participate in this blog conversation by commenting and nurturing the discussion forward.

The hope and purpose of this blog is to uncover facts, information, stories, etc., that will shed more light on the Confederate soldiers who rest at McGavock cemetery. We hope to be able to better tell the individual, and collective, stories of these brave men who fought and the hundreds of men that fell on that fateful day.

Email us: tellinghistory[at]yahoo.com

Confederate flags are placed at the side of every marker at McGavock on the first Sunday in June during a memorial service. The ceremony is served by a local Boy Scout troop.

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