Strickland’s Brigade experienced some very fierce fighting at Franklin; watch a YouTube of Thomas Cartwright describing the action

Strickland’s Brigade, on the Union line near the Carter House.

* 72nd Illinois
* 44th Missouri
* 50th Ohio
* 183rd Ohio

Former Carter house Director, Thomas Cartwright, delivers a visually stunning summary of the action in and around the Carter house itself, especially as it involves Strickland’s Brigade.

WARNING: graphic battle descriptions.

“The position we occupied was just in front of the Carter House, and the 50th Regiment [Ohio] actually tore down the Carter barn to help build our breastworks. It had been built of hewn logs, and we even put on a row of head logs. Our second line of works joined on to the Carter smokehouse, which lay west of the house.” – Lt. Thomas C. Thoburn, 50th Ohio, Strickland’s Brigade

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