More property purchased by Franklin’s Charge at epicenter of the Battle of Franklin

The community of Franklin is one step closer to a Battlefield park, thanks to the leadership of Franklin’s Charge.  A press conference was held today on the former Holt property, which is a one-acre plot (with house) that sits just a few yards southeast of the Carter House and property. The acquisition today is huge for being able to interpret the battle some day – perhaps in a national/private park – because some of the fiercest fighting took place at this site during the ill-fated action on November 30, 1864.

“This property was the epicenter of the five bloodiest hours of the Civil War,” said Robert Hicks (below right) , Franklin’s Charge board member and author of Widow of the South.”

The purchase price of the land, which includes an early 20th century home that will either be moved or demolished to make room for the “park space” – was $950,000.00.  It is hoped by many involved in this project that the Carter cotton gin, which was present during the battle of Franklin, will be re-built on this property or nearby.

Former Holt estate, now owned by Franklin’s Charge.

Franklin has been making big headlines in the preservation community across the nation of late.  A few years ago the community was able to by the property where a Pizza Hut sat (right), close by the Holt property just purchased. Just last fall, Franklin’s Charge, working with the greater Franklin community, was able to purchase a 108 acre piece of battle field.  That land was the former Franklin Country Golf Club, which sits northwest of the Carnton property, which served as the main field hospital after the Battle of Franklin.

There is a real buzz in the air in Franklin among preservationists and people wanting to see green space recovered around downtown Franklin.

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