Surgeon’s kit likely used at the Battle of Franklin

Here is a small surgeon’s kit that belonged to and was used by John H. Lyon’s, a surgeon with the 6th Texas Infantry (CS). There were at least seven surgeons that served with the 6th Texas.
The 6th Texas fought, among other places, at Chickamauga, the Atlanta Campaign, and the Battles of Franklin and Nashville.

At Chickamauga, the 6th TX fought with the 10th and 15th TX Infantries.  “Our whole loss was 20 killed, 95 wounded, and 28 missing.”

The following men were wounded at Franklin (11/30/64) and may have been tended to by Lyon’s:

  • J.F. McGilton, severely wounded in right leg, amputated
  • Steven E. Rice, was captured five times during the war; was a Captain
  • John Stevenson, severe wound in right elbow

In July 1863, the 6th Texas was assigned to Major General Pat Cleburne’s Division of the Army of Tennessee, Granbury’s Brigade.

Here are some pictures of the kit. It is part of the Kraig McNutt Civil War Collection.

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