Marshall E. Adcock, 16th TN Infantry (CSA), captured during retreat

The following is not a complete copy of Marshall E. Adcock’s
Pension application but rather an extraction of information given
in his application. There is more info about how he was captured
when he was having trouble keeping up and was caught on the
north side of Duck River without a bridge (it had been destroyed)
and several more statements about his ailments.

Information extracted from
M. E. Adcock’s Conf. Pension #6304 (Dekalb Co. TN)

The Confederate Records show that M. E. Adcock
Private Co. A 16th TN Inf CSA was enlisted May 18, 1861 on the Co. muster
roll dated April 30 1864(Last on File) he is reported present.

The Union Records who that one M. E. Adcock(also borne as Marshall E. Adcock)
Private 16th TN Inf CSA deserted Dec 18

Marshall States
” I was in the Battle of Franklin & Nashville and on Hood’s retreat was
captured at Columbia or near there. Was sick and carried to hospital at
Nashville. One of my neighbors Tim Adcock was at Nashville with a wagon
and I was permited to come home with him. Was sick and unable to services
of labor til long after close of the war.


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