Gen. Winfield Scott Featherston (CSA) covered Hood’s retreat

When the War broke out he raised a company and became Colonel of the 17th Mississippi Infantry. He served in the Army of Virginia in this capacity in 1861 and 1862. For gallantry in the Battle of Leesburg he was promoted to Brigadier General on March 4, 1862. He was at 1st and 2nd Manassas, Leesburg, Seven Days, Lee’s campaign into Maryland, the capture of Harper’s Ferry, First Battle of Fredericksburg before being transferred to his brigade to Vicksburg in January 1863. He headed the expedition to meet Porter’s gunboats on Deer Creek, fought at Baker’s Creek, and Jackson, MS. He participated in the Battle of Franklin, and covered Hood’s retreat from Nashville. He fought at Reseca, Ga. In 1864, and surrendered with Johnston in North Carolina, where he was paroled at Greensboro with the rest of the Army.

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