Donaldson, quartermaster report, NASHVILLE, TENN., December 18, 1864.

NASHVILLE, TENN., December 18, 1864.

Major General, M. C. MEIGS,


We open the Cumberland to-day. Transports here have left under convoy of the gun-boats. We captured yesterday 450 prisoners and 5 flags. We have taken in all over 5,000 prisoners, among whom are Major-General Johnson and Brigadier-Generals jackson and Smith, and over 250 commissioned officers. Besides, Hood has lost most of his artillery, over 40 pieces already reported,a nd his army is terribly shattered. He will be fortunate to reach the Tennessee River with half his original force. In his order of battle General Thomas assigned the Quartermaster’s Department an important position on interior line of works, and we held the same three days and two nights, thus enabling the general to take a considerably larger force into the field. I withdrew the men yesterday, and now the department is doing all it can to sustain the army in pursuing the enemy, giving up most of the transportation of the department for that purpose.


Chief Quartermaster.

The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies

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