8th KY Infantry (CSA), soldier Green C. Duncan, retreats with CSA army

“Reminiscences of the Boys in Grey 1861-1865” (Texas) by Mamie Yeary, 1912 (FHL film 1,000,598 item 1; pages 202-204, in alphabetic order by surname)
Forward: In offering to the public these “Confederate Reminiscences” my only apology is to place in permanent form, and in the very words of the participants, as far as practicable, the personal experiences of the “men behind the guns,” the “boys in the line,” … Many interesting papers, too lengthy for the scope of this work, have been abridged to contain the most important parts. … While editing the data so kindly sent me, I have entered fully into each skirmish, battle, march and campaign. …

Green C. Duncan, Wharton [Wharton Co.], TX; was born Oct. 10, 1841, near Bloomfield [Nelson Co.], KY. Enlisted in the Confederate Army in September, 1861, at Memphis [Shelby Co.], TN, as First Sergeant in Co. A, Marsh Walker’s 41st TN Infantry; Frank Ragsdale first Captain and Marsh Walker, first Colonel. In September, 1862, the company was transferred to the 8th KY Inf., and made Co. K, Buford’s Brigade, Loring’s Division. In the spring of 1864 the brigade was mounted and transferred to N.R. Forrest’s command as Lyon’s Brigade and placed in Buford’s Division. We served under Forrest the remainder of the war. Was never wounded, but had five horses shot; two killed and three wounded; all under me except one. I had just dismounted from him and was standing by his side when shot. On April 8, 1862, the brigade, with others, was surrendered by Gen. McCowan at Tiptonville, TN, near Island No. 10. I was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant and afterwards to First Lieutenant, which was my rank at the close of the war. Was in the battles of …; Hood’s retreat to TN River, from there to Selma, AL, March, 1865.

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