1st Ohio Light Artillery

The First Light Artillery (three years) was organized under the militia law of 1860. and formed a part of the Ohio militia. It consisted of six companies, having one gun each. The Colonel was James Barnett.

On November 23, it broke camp at Pulaski, and while falling back toward Nashville disputed the ground with Hood day by day. On the 10th it checked Hood’s advance into Franklin, and covered the rear of the Federal column moving out, and reached Nashville on the night of December t. The loss of the battery in killed and wounded at the battle of Franklin was twenty-three. It was highly complimented by Gen. Stanley for gallant services in the field. On December 14, the battery was in the general engagement between Gens. Thomas and Hood, at Nashville, also it sharply engaged the enemy at Rutherford’s creek, being in the advance column of the Federal forces in Hood’s retreat to the Tennessee river. In March, 1865, it moved with the 4th Corps into East Tennessee and North Carolina, and in April returned to Nashville.

“Battery D – It was engaged in the battles of Franklin and Nashville and after the army of Hood was driven across the Tennessee river the battery returned to Nashville and was sent with the 23d corps to Wilmington, N. C.”
The Union Army – Vol 2

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