CSA Brigadier General Abraham Buford

 KY Historical Marker……

(Reverse) Woodford County’s Civil War Generals – Brigadier General Abraham Buford, 1820-1874; Confederate cavalryman; cousin of John and N. B. Buford. Graduate West Point, 1841; frontier service Kansas and Indiana terr., 1842-1846; brev. capt. Mexican War; raised, equipped a Kentucky Brig. for CSA, commissioned brig. general, 1862. Covered Bragg’s retreat from Ky.; in Vicksburg campaign; twice raided Western Ky. and Paducah, capturing horses and vast supplies, spring 1864; led brigade in CSA victory, Brice’s Cross Roads, Miss., June 1864; covered Hood’s retreat after defeat at Nashville December 1864; defeated at Selma, Ala., March 1865. He lived at Bosque Bonita in Woodford Co., owning famous race horses Nellie Gray, Inquirer, Crossland, and Versailles.

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