2nd Iowa Cavalry


Second Cavalry.  Cols., Washington L. Elliott, Edward Hatch, Datus E. Coon, Lieut.-Cols., Edward Hatch, William P. Hepburn, Charles C. Horton; Majs., Edward Hatch, William P. Hepburn, Datus E. Coon, Hiram W. Love, Frank A. Kendrick, William W. Eaton, Charles C. Horton, Gustavus Schnitzer, Charles P. Moore, Samuel Foster.

The 2nd cavalry was mustered in at Davenport Aug. 25, 1861,


But by the middle of November it was engaged in the hardest campaign of its history — resisting Hood’s invasion of Tennessee.  With headquarters near Florence, Ala., it watched and fought his advance step by – step, formed with Coon’s brigade the rear-guard of the Federal army as it fell back to Franklin, and in the battle there played an important part on the left.  Then followed the battle of Nashville, in which the gallant regiment, with the whole of Hatch’s division, dismounted and fought as infantry, storming and capturing forts and driving the enemy in dismay.  This was the regiment’s last active campaign.

4 thoughts on “2nd Iowa Cavalry

  1. Thanks for putting this together. Matthew Patterson Tennant, a brother of my great-grandfather, was a brief member. He joined at age 16, his father forging his age so that he could join. Unfortunately he died on April 16, 1864 from illness.

  2. Hi Kraig,
    Thanks for the info. My great, great grandfather, Rudolph Snyder, was in the 2nd Iowa from start to finish. 1861-1865. He rose to the rank of Sergeant. I never did know what battle the 2nd iowa fought in.
    Larry Steward

  3. I have some of the Civil War letters from Robert H. Osborn to his wife, Emily, and he mentions, in a letter dated May the 7th, 1863, written in Lagrange, Tenn., that his unit fought battles into Mississippi, and serving under Colonel “Hach,” Colonel “Grearson” and others.

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