1st Illinois Light Artillery, Battery I., Bouton’s


First Light Artillery.-Cols., Joseph D. Webster, Ezra Taylor; Lieut.-Cols., Charles H. Adams, Allen C. Waterhouse; Majs., Ezra Taylor, Charles C. Campbell, Charles M. Willard, Charles Houghtaling, Samuel B. Barrett, Allen C. Waterhouse, John T. Cheney, Raphael G. Rombauer, John A. Fitch.  Battery A of this regiment was called into service by Gov. Yates, in response to the first call of President Lincoln for troops. Its first appearance was on Sunday morning, April 2l, 1861, and at 9 p.m. it moved for Cairo via the Illinois Central railroad.

Battery I was organized at Camp Douglas and was mustered in Feb. 10, 1862.


It moved under Gen. Sherman via Memphis and Corinth to Chattanooga and was engaged in the battles there in November.  It veteranized on March 17, 1864, and went to Illinois on furlough.  Returning to the field it participated in the battle of Nashville, and was mustered out July 26, 1865.


  • 1st Regiment Illinois Light Artillery, Battery I, Events of the Civil War by Gen. Bouton, with a sketch of the author by Gen. Edward Bouton, Los Angeles 1906.
    Barnes and Noble reprint 
  • Our Wish for a Hard Battle by Theodore J. Karamanski. pp. 27-31, in Illinois Heritage, published by Illinois State Historical Society, Winter 1998, Vol. 1 No. 2.
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