16th Illinois Cavalry

Sixteenth Cavalry.-Col., Christian Thielemann; Lieut.-Cols., Robert W. Smith, Nathan C. Goodenow; Majs., Christian Thielemann, Friedrich Schambeck, Charles H. Beers, Milo Thielemann, Hiram S. Hanchett, John Hoffman, Francis Jackson.

This regiment was composed principally of Chicago men, Thielemann’s and Schambeck’s cavalry companies, raised at the outset of the war, forming the nucleus of the organization.

In Nov 64 – Aug 65, the 16th was a member of the 1st Brigade, 6th Division Cavalry, Military Division of the Mississippi.


On the retreat before Hood from Florence, it kept up a running fight with the enemy for three days and nights, until it reached Columbia.  In a 6 hours’ engagement at Duck river the regiment held its position triumphantly against a vastly superior force of the Confederates until dusk.  It next participated in the battle of Franklin and in various skirmishes between there and Nashville.  It engaged in the two days’ battle at the latter place, and in the pursuit of the enemy to the Tennessee river.

Source: The Union Army, vol. 3

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