Indiana Regiments at Franklin

List of all Indiana Regiments at Franklin
By organization at Franklin

4th U.S.  Cavalry.
Maj-Gen. James H. Wilson. 5th Division, B-Gn. Edward Hatch. 1st Brigade, Col. Robert R. Stewart, 11th Indiana Cav.

Maj-Gen. James H. Wilson. 6th Division, B-Gn.Richard W. Johnson. 2nd Brigade, Col. James Biddle, 6th Indiana Cav.


4th Corps.

Maj-Gen. David F. Stanley.  1st Division, BG Nathan Kimball.

  • 1st Brigade – Col. Isaac M. Kirby
    31st and 81st Indiana
    Also: 21st and 38th Illinois, 90th and 101st Ohio
  • 2nd Brigade – BG Walter C. Whittaker
    35th Indiana
    Also: 96th and 115th Illinois, 21st and 23rd KY, 40th, 45th and 51st Ohio
  • 3rd Brigade – BG William Grose
    9th, 30th, 36th, 84th Indiana regiments
    Also: 75th, 80th and 84th Illinois, 77th PA

Maj-Gen. David F. Stanley.  2nd Division, BG George D. Wagner

  • 2nd Brigade – Col. John Q. Lane
    40th and 57th Indiana
    Also: 100th Illinois, 28th KY, 26th and 97th Ohio

Maj-Gen. David F. Stanley. 3rd Division, BG Thomas J. Wood

  • 1st Brigade – Col. Abel D. Streight
    51st Indiana
    Also: 89th Illinois, 8th Kansas, 15th and 49th Ohio
  • 3rd Brigade – Col. Frederick Knefler
    79th and 86th Indiana
    Also: 13th and 19th Ohio

23rd Corps.

Maj-Gen. Jacob D. Cox.  2nd Division, BG Thomas H. Ruger

  • 2nd Brigade – Col. Orlando H. Moore
    80th and 129th Indiana
    Also: 107th Illinois, 23rd Mich., 24th MO., 111th and 118th Ohio

Maj-Gen. Jacob D. Cox.  3rd  Division, BG James A. Reilly

  • 2nd Brigade – Col. John S. Casement
    65th and 124th Indiana
    Also: 65th Illinois, 103rd Ohio, 5th TN
  • 3rd Brigade – Col. Israel N. Stiles
    63rd, 120th and 128th Indiana
    Also: 112th Illinois and 1st Ohio Battery D (at Fort Granger)

One thought on “Indiana Regiments at Franklin

  1. Mr. McNutt,

    My great-grandfather, Pvt. Angus Marshall Vandyke, was in Co I, 13th Tennessee Infantry at Franklin. Corporal Willey Crook, also of Co. I captured the battle flag of the 57th Indiana. I am trying to determine the location where the flag was captured in order to trace the movements of the 13th. Do you have any information on this? Thanks and great blog!

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