The McGavock Cemetery Book

George Cuppett, who led the re-burial project from April to June 1866, recorded the names and identities of about 1,500 Confederate dead. He kept them the book pictured below. The book was passed on to the care of Carrie McGavock, which she kept diligently.

The McGavock Cemetery Book

Here the book is opened to the Mississippi section of boys killed at Franklin.

Photos provided for and courtesy of the Carnton Foundation.

One thought on “The McGavock Cemetery Book

  1. I, just this evening, completed reading Robert Hicks’ book “The Widow of the South.” I must say that from the very first page I became intrigued, and could hardly put it down. Facinating reading, although it was a novel, the history has been kept intact. Reading history in the=is fashion would be a great idea to palce in the classroom of any school.
    Carrie McGavock was a visionary even though she had no idea that what she was doing would be hearalded to a distinction of honor.

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