4th Missouri Regimental flag,

The 4th Missouri carried this flag which was presented to them in April of 1862 in Springfield, Missouri.  The 4th fought for Cockrell’s Brigade, French’s Division alongside the:  1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th Missouri Infantry, and the 1st Missouri Cavalry (dismounted) and 3rd Missouri Cavalry Battalion (dismounted).

Cockrell’s Brigade fought to the immediate Confederate right of Cleburne’s Division, assaulting the Federal line at Franklin where the Union Brigades of Reilly and Casement came together.

Picture credit: Arms and Equipment of the Confederacy (p. 260).

There are five known-identified 4th MO soldiers buried at McGavock, a light number compared to the other infantries it fought with.  It is likely that there are several 4th MO boys buried as ‘unknowns’ at McGavock.

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