Carrie McGavock becomes the Good Samaritan of Franklin

Carrie McGavockIt was Carrie Winder McGavock, wife of John, who spearheaded the Good Samaritan operation of mercy that last evening of November 1864. She personally supervised the logistics of the effort and sacrificed much food, clothing and supplies to care for the wounded and dying. When she arose to make breakfast in the morning witnesses say her dress was soaked at the bottom with bloodstains. At least 150 Confederate soldiers died the first night at Carnton.

The smell of blood, wounds, infection and death was horrible. The visual scenes must have been indescribable as well. Carries two surviving children, Hattie (age nine) and Winder (age seven) served as medical aides throughout the evening as well.

Source: excerpted from the Wikipedia article (authored by Tellinghistory, the owner of this blog site)

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