Franklin’s Charge is this week!

Their web site states:

“Our goal is to create a public/private Civil War battlefield park commemorating the 1864 Battle of Franklin. This park, located on what was the eastern flank of the Franklin battlefield, will not only provide a historical perspective of this major Civil War battle, but will also be a preserved green space for all to enjoy.”

What is Franklin’s Charge?
Franklin’s Charge is not a separate preservation organization, nor does it replace current preservation groups. Franklin’s Charge is made up of representatives from all of the existing preservation and conservation organizations in Williamson County. It also relies on the support and input of national preservation associations who share our vision for a battlefield park in Franklin.

Franklin’s Charge, A Vision and Campaign for the Preservation of Historic Open Space, has reached far beyond the original coalition group to include men and women from every walk of life in the Franklin, Williamson County and Middle Tennessee communities. Franklin’s Charge has cut across and through all the lines that seem to normally separate us as it seeks to preserve and memorialize our collective history – whether our history be north or south, black or white, or we’re recent arrivals to this nation. In the end, what happened at Franklin during those five tragic hours affected all of us, as it helped forge us into one nation.

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