Forrest’s view on the Spring Hill situation

General Forrest reported that after the arrival of Cleburne’s division at Spring Hill,

“I ordered Brig.-Gen. W. H. Jackson to move with his division in the direction of Thompson’s Station and there intercept the enemy. He struck the road at Fitzgerald’s, four miles from Spring Hill, at 11 o’clock, just as the front of the enemy’s column had passed. This attack was a complete surprise, producing much panic and confusion. Brigadier-General Jackson had possession of the pike and fought the enemy until daylight, but receiving no support he was compelled to retire.”

Two small brigades, commanded by Brigadier-Generals Armstrong and Ross, constituted Jackson’s division. If an adequate force had been sent forward to take advantage of the panic and confusion created by Jackson’s attack, a second golden opportunity would not have been lost.

One thought on “Forrest’s view on the Spring Hill situation

  1. I have heard in our family history that an ancestor of mine, Samuel McAnear, was injured in the Battle of Thompson’s Station. He was in the 9th Texas Cavalry. If anyone has information on Samuel McAnear I would be very appreciative.
    Tom McAnear

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