The Union Army size at Franklin

The Federal (Union) Army consisted of 22,000 infantry / approx 5,000 cavalry

  • 23rd Corps (Army of Ohio) commanded by Jacob Cox
  • 4th Corps (Army of the Cumberland) commanded by David Stanley

The Federal Army had arrived in Franklin around 1:00 that morning. Major General John M. Schofield led the operation and woke up the Carter Family, commandeering their home as his headquarters. At that time, the Carter Farm consisted of 288 acres on the south edge of town bordering the Columbia Pike.

Their cotton gin was located 100 yards from the house where eventually the main line of Federal breastworks were constructed. The Federal line commander was Cox who supervised his army in a defensive position surrounding the southern edge of town. He used the existing breastworks built in 1863 and constructed others on the west side of Columbia Pike. About 60 feet from the Carter House, near their farm office and smokehouse, were the inner breastworks.

Content source: The Carter House Museum

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