Copley’s ‘Sketch of the Battle of Franklin’

A Sketch of the Battle of Franklin, Tenn.; with Reminiscences of Camp Douglas: Electronic Edition.
Copley, John M.


“Louder than the bolts of heaven,
Far flash’d the red artillery.
And few shall part where many meet!
The frost shall be their winding-sheet,
And every turf beneath their feet
Shall be a soldier’s sepulchre.”

It is not my purpose to attempt to give a graphic description of, or to enter into the minute details of this battle, for the following reasons: First, my incompetency to undertake such an arduous task, as I have no access to war records, or to any plans of that battle for a guide; and second, the years intervening between that time and the present, have caused the bloody scene somewhat to fade from memory’s view. It was one of those quick and sanguinary conflicts, into which armies are sometimes hurriedly precipitated, and which are of short duration.

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