Father and son with 12th KY Infantry fought at Franklin

December the 10th, 1864
Nashville, Tenn.
Dear Mother,

I seat myself this morning to answer your letter (that) I recieved last evening, dated Dec. the 3rd, which gives me great satisfaction to hear that you are all well. This letter leaves me well and I hope these few lines will find you the same. I told you (in) the other letter about Pap getting wounded, but don’t know whether you got the letter or not. He was wounded ( ) ( ), I haven’t heard from him. I packed him off the field. It was in the night. I could not tell how bad he was wounded. I don’t think it went to the holer. (?) I wanted to stay but I could not get to stay, but I think he will get well. The Rebs is payrolling (paroling) all the (Federal) wounded fast as they get so (well enough) they can travel. I got his money and started you one hundred dollars by William Marcum and I will send you some more as soon as I get the chance. I don’t know when I will get to come home, but I will come as soon as I can. You do the best you can till I get to come, and get some body to get wood for you. So I will close for this time, but remain your son till death.

From Willis Hansford
To Mary Hansford
Write soon.

NOTES: Willis Hansford and his father, Thomas (“Pap”) Hansford, both served with the 12th Kentucky Infantry Regt., U.S. — their enlistments were up on November 29, 1864 – the day before Thomas was mortally wounded at the Battle of Franklin. Thomas had to be left behind in Franklin along with other badly wounded Federals, and Willis never saw his father again. His burial place has never been determined.

— This letter has been edited for clarity, and is printed here through the courtesy of the Carter House Museum.

[This letter was found on the STFB web site.]


Willis Hansford mustered into Company B, 12th Kentucky 1/1/64 as a Sergeant. He originally mustered in 10/12/61.  He was listed absent (sick) on the same day his father mustered in.    Thomas Hansford (father) mustered into Company B on 1/30/62.

William Marcum is mentioned in the letter.  An Arthur Marcum is listed as a member of the 12th KY, perhaps the same person or William’s brother.

2 thoughts on “Father and son with 12th KY Infantry fought at Franklin

  1. I am not sure where this letter came from. However, i would be interested to know. The Thomas Hansford (Pap) about whom the letter is written was my GGGF. This was apparently the second letter. My Grandmother had in her possession the first letter for many years. The first told a similar account but we never saw this letter. About fifteen years ago someone got the original letter and never returned it.

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