The McGavock Confederate Cemetery is the largest privately held Confederate cemetery in the United States. It is located in Franklin, Tennessee. The nearly 1,500 Confederate soldiers buried there were casualties during the Battle of Franklin that took place November 301864. 780 of the soldiers’ identities are known today, leaving 558 as unknown but not forgotten.

Rest well boys. Your work is done.

This first version is cemetery footage set to Going Home by Mary Fahl (lyrics).

This second one is footage of the cemetery set to Shenandoah by Van Morrison.

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I live just a couple miles from the cemetery. I find myself out there 2-3 times a week usually. I love going out after dinner and watching the sun set.

McGavock Confederate Cemetery is a very peaceful place for me. I know the carnage and many of the horrific stories of how these young men got here, but still, there is a peace about the cemetery, with Carnton in full view, that has always yielded a sense of peace and calmness for me. I even enjoy staying past sunset and walking around in the dark evening hours.

I am working on a guide to the cemetery for non-Civil War buffs that will be finished very soon. I’ll keep you posted. One of my favorite things is to be walking around the cemetery as I’m studying or photographing and inevitably strangers will walk up to me to ask what I’m doing. I almost always provide them with a free 20 minute tour of McGavock.

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