association-of-licensedWhat if there was a test one had to take to become a “Licensed Battlefield Guide” for the Battle of Franklin? Gettysburg is famous for the test LBGs have to take in order to officially interpret the action at Gettysburg. The current issue (Summer 2013) of The Civil War Monitor has an interesting article about the Gettysburg test.

Let’s pretend.

Suggest a question that needs to be on our Franklin Licensed Battlefield Guide test and/or suggest an important fact you are aware of that needs to be reflected on our test.

The Gettysburg LBG test is 250 questions. I don’t see the Franklin version being that long, but maybe we can come up with 100 really good questions.

I’ll keep track of the suggested questions on my blog (  Refer to this page for the current list.

Ready . . . go!

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