According to Greg Wade, a board member of Franklin’s Charge:

The final documents have been filed!  The Civil War Trust is now the official owner of the “Dominos” strip center, former site of the Carter Cotton Gin.  The Trust has partnered with Franklin’s Charge to make this a reality.    While it will take time, the building will eventually be removed and the ground restored to its battlefield appearance.  Plans include the possible rebuilding of the cotton gin as well as possible additional acquisitions.  As you know some of the hardest fighting in American history took place on this hallowed ground.

It should be noted no retail jobs will be lost as the former owner plans to rebuild in another location.

The goal has been to finalize this purchase before the end of 2012.  Hard work along with generous donations has made this a reality.  Now along with the 110 acre Eastern Flank, the current former “Pizza Hut” park as well as some other pieces of critical battle ground including the Carter House, we can actually say we have a battlefield to walk upon, reflect and interpret.



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