Battle of Franklin Trust historian and author Eric Jacobson will sign copies of his long-awaited book on the Battle of Franklin titled Baptism of Fire: The 44th Missouri, 175th Ohio, and 183rd Ohio at the Battle of Franklin, this Saturday at the Carter House from 11-1.

His previous book For Cause & For Country precedes this new volume.

The book can be ordered via PayPal here.

Eric Jacobson has been a student of the American Civil War since the mid-1980s. He has authored two prior books, For Cause & For Country and The McGavock Confederate Cemetery, and has a deep and heartfelt interest in elevating the stories about Spring Hill and Franklin to their appropriate place in history. For many years he has assisted a variety of organizations, from Franklin’s Charge to the Civil War Trust, in their efforts to preserve and reclaim critical portions of both battlefields, which are so crucial to a greater understanding of the men and boys who fought there in 1864. Eric is the Chief Operating Officer and Historian for the Battle of Franklin Trust and works in the historic Franklin community, and nearly every day he walks the hallowed ground on which so many Federal and Confederate soldiers so valiantly struggled. His interpretive and preservation efforts at Carnton Plantation and The Carter House, in particular, have been extensive. He lives in Spring Hill with his wife, Nancy, and their two daughters.

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