A few weeks ago I blogged about a newly discovered letter from Addison Lee Ewing, Captain of Company I of the 63rd Indiana [read the post]. I’ve been doing more research on Ewing and the 63rd Indiana.

One quite interesting discovery is this.  On November 30th, 1889 – on the 25th anniversary of the Battle of Franklin – Ewing notates the anniversary in his 1889 diary for that day.  This would seemingly be uninteresting except for this fact. He does not refer to any other battle or engagement he was involved with in the Civil War except Franklin twenty-five years after the battle.

The experience at Franklin (30 November 1864) must have been a seminal experience in the mind of Ewing.  In his diary for 1888-1889 he did not mention any of the  other battle-anniversaries he could have like: Resaca, Lost Mountain, Kennesaw Mountain, Atlanta or even Nashville.

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