Brig.-Gen. John Adams, of Tennessee, was killed* after leading his command up to the enemy’s main line of works. Gen. Jacob D. Cox says of him:

“In one of the lulls between these attacks, when the smoke was so thick that one could see a very little way in front, the officers of the line discovered a mounted officer in front forming for another attack or rallying them after a repulse. Shots were fired and horse and rider both fell. The horse struggled to his feet and dashed for the breastworks, leaped upon it and fell dead astride it. The wounded officer was Gen. John Adams. He was brought in and soon died.”

Source: Confederate Military History

*Killed at Battle of Franklin; commanded brigade in Loring’s division, Stewart’s corps, Army of Tennessee, composed of the 6th, 14th, 15th, 20th, 23d and 43d Mississippi regiments.

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